Sand Fall

Book Cover: Sand Fall

Pioneers looking for a new start were selected to escape a dying earth, and travel to Ceres in cryogenic sleep.Something has gone terribly wrong in transit.

After the crash landing on a remote planet nearly kills the crew, Adam the pilot must work to save the survivors, among them Tricia the only women he has ever cared for. Searching the sand covered planet, it becomes clear that they are far from safe.

If the burning sun, scouring storms or violent inhabitants hunting them does not finish the dwindling group, the luring call of an unknown voice promises them safety. With each step mysterious forces follow at the periphery urging their demise.

The true danger may be their own human nature as supplies dwindle, and exhaustion sets in. Will they overcome their baser instincts and survive … or succumb to them and perish?

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"Amazong book"